Let every honorable citizen of this precious homeland know that I carried my historical trust towards you, bearing in mind your concerns, aspirations and hopes, so I resolved to trust in God in every matter that has a religious interest, then my country, and my family, diligent in everything that would serve you. If I was hurt by God and his success and his payment and if I made a mistake then it is myself and my intercessor in front of the Creator Glory to His Majesty and then before you the diligence of the loving for his family who are more keen on them than himself.

What I have done is nothing more than an understanding of our common concerns and an expression of our one hopes and aspirations for a prosperous future about God and his ability in which we all, as people of the Kingdom of Monotheism, Unity and Humanity, express the flesh of one body, one soul and a promising solid will with the help of God.

I hereby promise you that I seek to serve you in every matter in which our religion is good and our world is this and upon God I trusted, and I sought help from him



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